Weird page at login



I’m having this error sometimes when I login . I’m using my own hosting service, Ubuntu 18.04 with version 1.8.11 with docker., this happen ramdomly , no SSL nor domain yet

Please advise

Thanks in advance


Thank you for the screenshot. Can you provide the full URL of your CMS when this happens?

You can change the IP/Host element of the address to something else, such as if you would prefer. The important part is the rest of the URL.

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I’ll do as soon I get this again

Thanks for your concern

El El mié, dic. 5, 2018 a las 6:28 a. m., Daniel escribió:


Thank you for letting me know. I’ll wait to hear from you.

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There you go …error


Thank you for posting the URL. According to the URL, you are being directed to the css sheet for your installed fonts.

Can you provide more information about what is happening, for example the steps leading up to this page appearing?
How are you accessing the CMS login page? bookmark or typing the URL?
When does this page appear, before or after logging into the CMS?

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Only happens sometimes when try to login…when I re-load the domain or IP I usually get log as expected.Never happen in a continue way (severalattemps)

typing URL or Chrome auto-fill (visited pages)

Before (just after loging in)

I hope this help



Thank you for providing the answers to my questions. The issue could be related to Chrome auto-fill/prediction service.

After seeing your URL, I logged out of my CMS and entered the URL with /library/fontcss at the end of the address. I was initially directed to the login screen, then taken to the same screen you have been seeing. It is possible that on occasion, the auto-fill/prediction service in chrome is entering your CMS URL with /library/fontcss on the end, which you may not notice as the address immediately changes to the login URL.

I would recommend clearing the browser cache and making sure you are not accidentally entering http://yourdomain/library/fontcss into the address bar when attempting to log into your CMS.

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Got you !!

I’ll follow up on this and let you know if needed.

Thanks once again