Webpage with X-Frame-Sameorigin

Web-page with X-frame-sameorigin the only way to show it in the Xibo - Webpage “Open natively”

Is ti possible to change default zoom of the browser to show as much as possible content page with X-frame-sameorigin ?

Indeed you will not be able to manipulate the way web page is embedded if it has that header (ie it will most likely not allow you to use manual position / best fit in Xibo webpage module).

You can certainly try changing the default browser zoom and see if it that will work when the web page is displayed via Xibo player I don’t recall testing that recently - is that on Android or Windows please?

It’s run on the Windows,

btw is it possible to configure GoogleChrome Embended and set zoom level there ?

Xibo for Windows will use IE and should obey IE settings.

In 1.7 series it was possible to enable CEF in display profile, but we no longer support it as we were not happy with the way it was working.

As i change zoom in the IE, it remembers and next time it opens with the correct zoom, but in Xibo it opens always with the zoom settings 100%, and i can’t modify them even via regedit

Did you ever figure out a solution to this?