Webpage widget not loading correct content


I have a simple layout (Webpage widget with an image footer). The webpage is set to a 1 min refresh period and calls the same webpage (Grafana Dashboard) on each refresh.

The players are running on Intel Compute Sticks over wireless.

I have two scenarios with similar results.

  1. On refresh the webpage displays a Page cannot be found (possibly because of a wireless connectivity issue)
  2. On refresh I receive an error from Grafana telling me it was unable to load the application files. (It did contact the server but something went wrong).

When either of the above situations happen, the page fails to recover and on the next (and subsequent) refreshes Xibo continues to display the “Page not found” or the “Grafana error page”.

I have 4 screens side by side and the other screens will continue to run and load content (also grafana dashboards).

So I can accept that an error has happened, but why after 60 seconds does the refresh not reload the page correctly?? Can the player cache an ie error page?
If I “Alt+F4” the application, the watchdog restarts and the page loads correctly.

I have seen this now on 2 of the 4 screens. As we intend to install more screens I need to get to the bottom of this ASAP.


Xibo Server on Docker on Linux (2.1.0)
Xibo Client on Windows (2.1.0)

Anybody any ideas on this or even a work around to force a webpage/module reload?

I have tried including an image to force a change of module type in the sequence, so I now have a webpage for 60sec and an image for 1 sec.

With this new layout, on a player showing symptoms, the webpage doesn’t refresh and the image is not displayed (just a white background currently). If I close and relaunch the player, everything works fine (until it has an issue again when it just stops refreshing content)


More information…

I think the player is running low on RAM

Hardware is an Intel Compute stick with 2GB RAM however the client is only loading 3 regions…

  1. A webpage (Grafana)
  2. A Company image
  3. The clock widget.

I’m going to try running with just the webpage region for a while and see if I get the same issue


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