Webpage widget issue with manual fit and best fit

I am trying to run local html content on a layout and it seems when manual or best fit is chosen, http:// is being forced onto the url. The url works fine when open natively is selected but this is causing css issues.

Anybody have a work around for this issue?

CMS: 1.8.13
Player: Xibo 1.8 108 | Android 5.1.1
url: file:///mnt/usb_storage/index.html

The webpage widget is not really designed for offline or local playback.

You could try embedded html widget instead and create the iframe with the src set to the local html file.

Alternatively the version 2 of the CMS has htmlpackage module which accepts .htz archives, that is designed for offline playback ie player will download whole archive, unpack it and show the target file - and since all of that will be stored in the player local library it does not require internet access to show the webpage.

Thanks Peter,
iframe idea still had the same issue, I found a light weight http server for android as a workaround since this is just a temporary installation

I will need to have a look at version 2 for future uses.