Webpage Widget - Content Crashes & Memory Leak Issue

Content Crashes/Freezes and is Lagging:
We are running a trial of your software and have set up our webpage in Xibo via the webpage widget.

We have tested our webpage in Internet Explorer 11 via cross-browser testing and see no issues and it plays perfectly fine but for some reason, it freezes when we run it in the webpage widget. We notice that it plays in Xibo for 30-45 seconds and then freezes. We have video and images scheduled to run.

I have also noticed that the content is lagging and was wondering if you can help us understand why this is happening?

How can we pull logs, monitoring statistics and console information? I do not see any of that information when I go to all of the options under the reporting and advanced categories (log, sessions, audit trail, display statistics, proof of performance, etc). No stats are coming up for me - is this because I am on a trial account?

Memory Leak Issue:
We are seeing the out of memory notification and read other posts about it. Is this still a problem in your most up to date player and software versions? If yes, when do you expect it to be fixed?