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we use PRTG for monitoring on our servers. I made URL with included username and password for automatic login. When open this url on Windows browsers (IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox) work perfect.
My Idea is to setup Android TV Box with Xibo for information dashboard. When open with Android default browser URL work again perfect, but when open Xibo and schedule layout, layout include webpage with same URL, Xibo can’t load site. Load only frame and in the middle were must to be loaded information for server always made refresh with error Ajax Error PE1002 unauthorized. Can you help me?

Please note that Android TV is not an officially supported platform for the Xibo for Android Player. Whilst this does not mean that the Player will not work on Android TV, we cannot guarantee its performance as it has not been officially tested.

Xibo supports basic authentication for websites that require credentials. You would need to add the credentials to the URL in the below format:


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I use H96 Pro - this is Andorid stick. Download Android apk from your site and connect to CMS. Everything work for the moment except this URL. Same Url work normal if open default browser on same Android device.
The URL is:

I try with password and passhash. Result is the same. Load frame but not and Server information.

For websites that require authentication, you will need to use the format shown in my previous message and below. I would recommend trying the format:


Xibo supports basic authentication in the above format only. You will not be able to use the URL in your last message.

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When use this link

nothing happen

You will need to take a look at your setup and confirm that basic authorisation is being used. If the login looks like the below image, then it is using basic authorisation and so the issue may be related to how it has been set up:


If you are using a login page on your website, this would suggest you are not using basic authentication and so it will not work.

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Problem is not this, because I have login, but can’t load site. I upload short video what show on screen - https://we.tl/t-8moqaCCzJh

This is when I use long URL. When try to load site with your link - nothing load