Webpage block displaying only small block


I have configured a simple layout consisting of a webpage region taking up 95% of a 1080 Portrait layout and a text scrolling region in the lower 5%.

When I preview in the admin console the webpage only renders a small rectangle in the upper left of the allocated region and the scrolling text doesn’t appear. Although when I run the Xibo Windows player (latest version) it runs fine on the same machine I ran the preview on??

I assumed this was just a quirk of the preview but when I installed the Xibo Client on a W7 PC, it also displayed only a small block inside the region and no scrolling text.

The webpage region is set to Best Fit but I have tried Open Native also with the same result.

Could anybody offer any advice?



If you can export the Layout and provide me a link in a private message, I can download it and test it on my setup.

Can you also confirm the version of the Xibo CMS you are using and how it was set up (Docker or Custom), as well as the version of the Xibo for Windows Player you installed on the Windows 7 machine.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

CMS: 1.8.11 (custom setup using CentOS 7 and PHP7).
Client: 1.8.10 (on both machines)

The machine where the player displayed correctly is Win10, the other is Win 7

Could you tell me where to PM on these forums?




I have worked this one out. It was actually that the files required were not being downloaded. I found another post telling me to go to modules and click “Verify All”

As soon as I clicked the button, the player downloaded the required files and after closing and reopening the player, all was working.

Thanks for your help