WebOS - xibo 1.8R14 not loading automatically

LG signage 32SM5-BH, software version 04.03.10, WebOS 3.3.0-32, Micom V3.05.6
WebOS 1.8.R14, doesn’t load automatically and crashes very often, causing the signage monitor to switch to the ‘no connection’ error.

Pressing the home button on the remote and manually loading xibo allows to load xibo and runs the layout. But fairly randomly, xibo crashes and we get the error ‘No signal, check connections, status of external devices and cables’. At this time, by pressing the home key, we can simply start xibo again.

Any ideas to solve this ?

Update; Just discovered 1.8R15 is available. Installing and will report back on the improvements.

R15 doesn’t solved the issue.
Extra update, going to status and manually forcing a connection to CMS also works to get xibo loaded.

I’m sorry to hear you have experienced some issues with the new version of Xibo for webOS.

The Firmware version you are using (04.03.10) is a lot older than the supported Firmware version for webOS Displays (04.30.90 or later). I would recommend upgrading the Firmware for the Display if possible, to see if this resolves the issue.

The model number you provided for the Display is either incomplete or suggests that your Display is not officially supported. Can you check the model number for the Display again and confirm for me please?

You can locate the model number by opening the Status page on your Xibo Player. You can access this page by clicking the OK or Enter button on your remote while the Xibo app is running and choosing Status from the Action Bar at the top of the screen.

Alternatively, you should find it in the Display’s Settings, then General, next System Information and finally Model.

The location of the System information may vary by model, if it is not in this location, you may need to search the Settings for the Display for an alternative location.

I have included a link to our list of supported webOS Displays. If your Display model is not on this list, then it is not an officially supported Display, which would also explain the issue you are experiencing.

Many Thanks.

Dear Dan,

We finally found what was going wrong.

LG signage 32SM5-BH, software version 04.03.10, WebOS 3.3.0-32, Micom V3.05.6 runs Xibo WEBOS without problems if you don’t use the weather applet. The weather applet was crashing our system.

Thanks for the reply Eric, glad to hear it is working. I’m still not certain that the model number you are quoting is correct? I’ve searched the LG website and I still do not see a 32SM5-BH model. Are you sure that is correct?

Many Thanks.

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