WebOS V2 R203 Stream Video display issues


Big thank you for the update!

We managed to test it on an LG **SM5KE ** and all seems fine.
Yesterday I tested a layout displaying a website with a html5 player streaming a live feed from our server.
I tested this in previous versions of the Webos player and had no issues but on the 203 the stream is displayed wrong. Attached a picture of it:

Everything is up to date and no issues were reported until I updated to 203.

We rolled back to 202 but I considered worth reporting this in case some one else is experiencing the same issue.

Hi Nomis, thank you for the heads up on this issue. Could you send an exported copy of your Layout to me in a private message so I can test this on the R202 and R203 Players? I can then report any issues to the development team.

Could you also confirm the following:

  • What is the Firmware version running on your SM5KE?
  • Are there any messages or errors in the Logs for this Display whilst the live feed is running?

Many Thanks.

Hey Dan,
Thank you for the reply. I sent you the exported layout via PM

Will answer here as well
FW: 04.03.41
No message or error displayed on the screen or in the logs. I did not ran this in maintenance mode.
Thank you!

Thank you for the link, I will continue this discussion with you in the PM.

Many Thanks.

@DanBW Is there a solution for this? I am seeing this as well, no matter what settings I give it in the layout.

Hi JWhite, can you confirm:

  • What version of Xibo for webOS you are using?
  • Does the issue occur when you use R202 on your display?
  • What type of stream are you using?
  • What is the model of your LG screen and what Firmware version is installed?

Many Thanks.

This issue happens when on R203, but the stream seems to work fine on R202 like the original poster.

I am using a local UDP multicast stream, all happening on models - 49SM5KE, 55SM5KE, and 65UH5E.

For the SM5KE’s, I was on firmware 04.02.05, but support had me update to 04.04.40. On the latest firmware, I see the same issue. The video works on R202, but only shows in the lower right quadrant on R203.

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