webOS player downloading too slow

Hi everybody,
We are using windows client and webOs client on same network.When we send layouts to this clients,the windows client downloads layout in a short time.But webOS client downloads from 4 hour to 5 days depending on size of layout.Is there anything I can change on CMS to overcomethis problem?
-CMS version 1.8.3 and 1.7.9(created with Xampp)
-webOS clients LG monitors and webOSbox WP400
-download speed 11 mbps

Thanks for your message.

I presume these are custom CMS installations? Xibo has two mechanisms for Players to download content. The old method sends down files in little chunks to the Player, and due to the way webOS works that’s very inefficient to do on their platform, and so is extremely slow.

The alternative method uses straight HTTP downloads which are much more efficient for all Players to use, but require the CMS to be setup for that.

All Docker installations and Xibo Cloud come configured for HTTP downloads by default. If you’re using a Custom installation then you need to configure your webserver and Xibo (SENDFILE_MODE setting) accordingly to enable that. Assuming you’re using Apache then you need to install mod_x_sendfile module, and then configure Apache to allow your library directory to be served by that module, and then set the Download Mode in Xibo to “Apache”.

Example config can be seen in the Docker container source here:

As a side note, Xibo for webOS isn’t expected to work with a 1.7 series CMS at all.

Thank you for your fast answer.I will try it.and I will tell you if there is any change

we are using 1.7.9 for windows.not for webos

I use a webOSbox WP400 and custom installation without download problems.
-In Server: Install and configure “mod-x-sendfile”.
-In CMS: Change the “File download mode” in Settings->General.

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Oh thank you for your solution.I will try it and I will tell you it worked or did not

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