WebOS Invalid Layout


Some info before we start:
WebOS: 4.0
Player version: 2 R202
XMR Installed and running

I am unable to play anything on the player:
-I’m either getting that the regions are empty. Non existing regions…Either that the media expired… fonts in this case
-I’m not even able to display the default template.

Attached a screenshot, hope you might be able to share some light. I’m really close to downgrade to 1.8 and have everything working again


Welcome to the community!

Could you export a Layout so that we can take a closer look at this for you?

Could you also post screenshots of the Region in Layout ID 10 that has media ID 17 in it, showing what expiry dates are currently set.

Thank you

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Hi Natasha,
Thanks for the reply.
At the end I installed 1.8.1 and works flawlessly.

For the sake of this post I installed everything from scratch again with CMS 210 and connected the player. No alteration was made to the default template:

Thanks again for your time

PS: Not allowed to upload the exported layout but, as mentioned, no changes were made to the out of box profile. I will give it a try and install the same package in a different machine and compare the results.

So that we can troubleshoot this we would need to see the layout or at least a layout that triggers this, could you set up a demo CMS with the same set up so that we can look at it?

Alternatively could you describe your exact set up in an effort we could replicate this issue?

The issue looks to be in expiry dates of the widgets, which is why 1.8 works as that earlier version does not have that feature.

Thank you


Attached you may find the exported layout .

I don’t seem to see the attached file? Could you try again please :slight_smile:

Thank you

Sorry for the link, it seems the temp hosting was not the best.

I managed to have a working 2.1 with a 1.8 webOS player.

I will have to pay attention if my TV actually is compatible with the latest player but for now is more than suffice.

Thank you for your time

Please do update your firmware version as the one currently showing in your screenshot was the initial release version. Use the recommended version for the model you are using: Firmware Matrix