webOS installation problem

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to install and test webOS app, but I ran on an issue which I don’t know how to debug/fix.
My setup is:
Docker install v1.8.3 running behind nginx ssl reverse proxy.
WebOS player running on 32SM5D-B

I followed your installation guide and it went OK. Player is able to connect to CMS, but it fails to download a bunch of resources with error 47. On the CMS side, player is shown as logged in but there are a bunch of these in the log:

9854	60dcec4	2017-12-25 20:05	PLAYER	POST	ERROR	webOS	[parseRequiredFiles] downloadERROR	Download failed for file xibo-webpage-render.js. Error:Failed to download file with error code 47

Server side is working correctly, I confirmed it with windows player, although It could be something that I messed up since this is an installation I’m using as my playground…

Anyways, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Best thing to do is open a ticket with Spring Signage directly for the webOS Player.

You can do so by emailing support@springsignage.com

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Thank you Alex!

Ticket opened.

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