WebOS and 4K mode


We are testing Xibo (1.8.7) with LG 4K (49UH5C) screen.

All works fine except the 4K resolution. It’s mean that the Xibo client use only 1920x1080 mode. (As we can see in the client status -> Screen Size)

On the Xibo server, we set up a layout with 3840x2160 size but it doesn’t work.

How can we use the 4K mode ?

Thanks in advance


Thanks for letting us know you’re having this issue - we’ve reported it to the responsible team and will investigate for you.

Today we’ve received a confirmation about this issue from the team that Dan mentioned, unfortunately I’m afraid webOS player currently does not support 4k playback/resolution.

It is of course something we would like to have in the future, but at the moment it is not supported yet.

Thanks for your feedback.
I hope you’ll do this in next version.