Web Widget URL Variable

I am currently getting ready for a production floor deployment of Xibo. There are going to be some where it will display a single web page that changes based on the machine that the display is next to. Is there a way to pass the player ID to the URL so that it loads a slightly different URL based on the player ID. For example

Web Widget:

or something similar to this.

Technically yes, although it may not appear obvious.

DataSets can use [DisplayId] as a filter.
now you can have a columns in dataSet with
displayId (actual displays ids from the CMS) then in ticker filter put
displayId = [DisplayId]

(it will not show the data in the preview, but should show data filtered by displayId on the actual players - although you can have one row with displayId set to 0, that rowData should show in the preview then )

You can then have a column called say URL which will have the different webpage urls you want to show.

Now to correctly show them in the Ticker, you will need one more column and that will be formula column, which in my example can look like that:
CONCAT("<iframe src=", URL, "></iframe>")

other iframe parametrs (height, width etc) can of course we added as well.

That formula will create an iframe with your webpage url as src and since the filter is in place and we’re using dataSets each display will show the webpage that is set in the same row as corresponding displayId.

I believe that should work, let me know if you have any questions.

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