Web Page module

We are looking for a CMS cloud based digital signage solution that allows a web page to be run on a touch screen ( in portrait mode ) when using an Android player as the client. Xibo looks like it will meets our goal but i have a question re the web page module.

Just for background the idea is the touch screen will act as an information kiosk ( via a web page ) but when not in use run adverts. When the screen is “tapped” the web page appears / loads and when left for x misn teh ads restart. The alternative is to run windows and Xibo as a screen saver but Android is preferred due to the cost of the hardware and ease of set up.

I’m presuming when the web page is configured to run natively will it run full screen and allow interaction from a mouse or in our case the touch screen, can anyone confirm this? Also is there an idle / timeout settings so that when the web page has not been used / accessed for x mins the ads start playing again?

I will need to find a way to lock the browser down and also add a white list but expect that to be outside the scope of Xibo.

Just want to check this is how the web page module works before we start a trial.


I’ve sent a detailed response to you via the Spring Signage service desk.

The main points are as follows.

Yes you can show a webpage full screen and have it touch-responsive, however you can’t have the Player switch between layouts based on that input or a timeout on that input.

Same Solutions as we need
Please let me know idea of this