Web page layout

How can I make a webpage layout that never refresh. Set the duration to unlimited…

I need this for a layout because we need this layout to showing all the time even if the player loses internet connection.

And if there is not internet and the layout refresh the screen goes black

You can increase the duration indeed.

If there is or will be anything else scheduled to this player, then very long duration on this webpage will cause scheduled issues - as other layouts would need to wait for the webpage widget to finish.

Most content will always be cached on the player side, so it can be displayed without internet / CMS connection.

Although regarding webpages, indeed player needs internet access to display them, you could try enabling ‘Enable caching of Web Resources?’ (Android display profile for android client) and change IE11 settings (for Windows client) that should ensure that it will use browser cache if there is no internet, but depending on the webpage it may not be able to cache everything on it.

Thanks for your reply

So there is no option for unlimited time on web pages? I have a layout that is just a web page, and I don’t want it to refresh every minute. I set it to 999999 duration, but I’d like to set it to unlimited and never refresh.

If it’s not possible, how do I put in a feature request for this option to be added?

There is no such thing as “unlimited” duration for a widget and it is unlikely that we’d like to introduce it in the future.

Very long duration like the one you’ve mentioned (that’s about 12 days I believe), also isn’t something we recommend, especially if there is suppose to be other layouts displayed on the player as well.
However you can certainly use that if it’s suitable for your project.

In any case, features can be requested by creating a new topic on this very site in the features category.