Web page images don't display on Windows Clients


We are displaying our school webpage on the Xibo screens using the webpage region. On the Xibo boxes the webpages shows fine with images but on Windows clients the images do not show. Everything else displays fine. Why is this?


It’s very hard for us to say as we don’t know what’s in the page you’re showing.

If you look in the Player library on the PC, you’ll find files with a .html extension. One of those will be the webpage widget for your layout.

You can open that in Internet Explorer (not Edge) and see how the page looks. My guess is the webpage image links are served by something that prevents use in iframes, but without knowing what you’re showing I really can’t say.


Here is the feed we are trying to display http://www.giggleswick.apptree.co.uk/x/nf/all

Some of the posts have images, if you scroll down you will see them. Those images are not displaying on Windows Xibo clients. I have just tested with a brand new CMS and player both on latest versions.


Note: I have just tried loading the page directly on Microsoft Edge and the images show up. However, on Internet Explorer they do not. I did read an article about trying different versions of IE by editing the Xibo.exe file in the registry but had no luck with that when I tried it a few weeks ago.


It was the website, we have resolved this by contacting the developers. Thanks