Web Element Restricted to 750 Pixels Wide?


Hi Folks.

I’m trying to insert a news ticker into a campaign, and for some reason, even though I set the width to the full 1920 pixels, the ticker only shows up as 750 pixels wide. If I load the web site itself, the ticker is the full width of the screen, but inside of a region on the slide it gets truncated.

I apologize if I didn’t explain that correctly.

Thanks in advance for any ideas (or some setting I missed)?



If that’s a Xibo ticker then that’s certiainly not the expected behaviour.

If you’re embedding a third party website then it may detect the size of the space incorrectly. Xibo has some options on the webpage widget that can do scaling or not. Try open natively or using the scaling options to see if that will affect it, but fundamentally we can’t customise the website you’re trying to embed. If it isn’t written in a way that will work with the Player, then the only course would be to adjust the webpage.

If it’s a Windows Player, check also that you have display scaling on the Windows Display Preferences set to 100%, not 150% as Windows seems to want to set it on some computers.


Thanks so much for your reply! It was a third party ticker, but it looks like I’m going to go ahead and use the Xibo ticker widget instead. Your information was very helpful, however, and I appreciate it very much!

Thanks again!