Weather Widget only working with Dark Sky but not with Open Weather

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Wheather Widget not working with Open Weather, but it’s works ok with Dark Sky. We have tried diferents acounts but we can’t make it to work. We have an old acount with Dark Sky but we need to resolve the problem with open weather.

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Have you followed the Installation steps to provide an OpenWeather Key? and clicked to Verify All in Modules?

Could you please provide further details if you have already correctly installed the API key, explaining what is not working and the steps you have taken.

Many thanks

Hi Natasha, i followed the intallation steps and verify all modules, all it’s ok but it doesn’ work. In console appears this error “api response with error”. If we use Dark Sky api key works ok.

We test the api directly with the openweather instructions and response ok.

Is there any file log with more information about the error?


This is an update to confirm that a fix has been applied to the latest CMS release, which is 3.2.1. If you are still experiencing issues with your Open Weather API key, please can you upgrade to 3.2.1 and confirm if the issue persists.

Many Thanks.

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