Weather not displaying


we’ve setup our production environment with latest xibo, installed at a windows server and windows player on a windows 10 machine, driving a UHD display.

Everything seems fine, but the weather widget is not displayed

  • at the player-display
  • within the design-view
  • nor at the preview in browser

What i’ve checked:

  • Checked all modules (Button which repairs modules if something’s wrong)
  • Double-checked dark sky api key (works in our test environment)
  • deleted region containing the weather widget from layout and readded it
  • double checked the weather module to be active
  • cleared cache of weather module
  • double checked the lat / lon coordinates
  • set the coordinates at the display
  • check the player to have internet access
  • check XML connection (working)

The layouts are mostly imported from our test environment and all other content is working well.

the log at the player-side shows the following information:

XIBO_Weather_Widget.pdf (136.9 KB)

Whats wrong with the weather-widget?
Any ideas ?



any idea? Is there more information i can give (logs, etc.)?



Could you tell us if you’re using docker or is the CMS installed on a web server?

You have the same API key in both test and production environments and in test one it does show weather in the CMS, but it does not in production environment?

If it is configured the same way and works in test, then I assume it is configured correctly, in this case perhaps it’s curl issue.

Could you please go through Report Fault Wizard on your production environment and check the logs afterwords.
Enable Debugging, recreate the issue (should be sufficient to create weather widget that does not display the weather), check logs, disable debugging.

CMS is instaled on a web server at both environments (test and production).

No, i have two different API-Keys. Both work in Test-Environment, and don’t work in production environment.

Will do that and report the result.

I now have the logs, but i cannot find anything curious… Can you give me a hint what to search for ? As there are User credentials, server names etc. listed at the log, i cannot upload it here.



Found a log-line which could explain the error:

128013,5206287,"2017-10-17 12:06:50",XMDS,GetResource,POST,"Unable to reach Forecast API: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see",CLIENTPCNAME,ERROR

Will try to get latest .pem and configure php-curl.

Is this “GetRessource” Request responsible for requesting weather-data from dark sky ?

As I suspected it is curl error, could you please have a look here - Using Tickers, Forecast, Twitter and other external resources that make use of HTTPS connections