Weather module transparency

hello world…how can i add a background to the weather display?..i have added black background which show ok in the backend and also in the previews but when it goes to the players, it becomes transparent and then you cant see the text / forecast…any suggestions please? using xibo 1.7.9 vervsion

Windows player does not support true transparency/overlapping regions.

Layout by default is black and in 1.7 series the weather module mostly use black fonts as well, you can change the layout background to different colour or adjust the font colour in weather module (CSS).

oh okay, so adding an html code to enforce a background for the weather display doesnt work unless i do it through the module’s css. in my backend or layout area, there is a background which shows when i review the layout but when it gets to the player side, it becomes transparent. i thought about your recommendation but at same i thought there was another solution. i will try your suggestion, thank you