Weather Module - just see a blank page - no weather informations

Hey all,

Since a few days i try to use the “Weather Module” .

i checked the documentation:

i make an account at DarkSky and copied the secret key into the “API Key” field
i do all settings like the documentation
i checked the log and the support topics … but i can’t see any “Forecast API” entries or a helpful topic :confused:

my xibo plyers have access to the internet (i can reach http/https websites)

i make a “weather layout”
i set duration (30s), i set the latitude / longitude, i choose tamplate 9, i choose language, i set the update interwal (60min),
but if i click on “get forecast” i just get a blank screen :frowning:
also the playing weather layout is blank.

Here the Versions:
CMS Version 1.8.11 (Linux Docker)
Client 1.8.10 (Windows 10 Client)

do you have any hint for me what the problem could be?

thank you


bb Thomas

If you can export the Layout and send me a private message letting me know where I can download it, I would be happy to test it on my setup for you.

If you select the Modules option in your CMS, does the Weather Module have ticks in the Preview Enabled, Assignable and Enabled Columns?

Many Thanks.

hey Dan,
i send you a message.

i see this in the table for the modules … (Administration - Modules) [is this what you mean?]



Do you read this ?

Greetings Torsten

hey torsten,
yes i do … but i cant find the matching strings in the log player log


big thank you to DanBW … he inspected a big pack of my Xibo logs and he find the problem.

Unable to reach Forecast API: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see

so i could solve the problem with the .pem certificate file from our proxy server.

the weather module is working fine now

thank you very much for your support DanBW