Weather Module Bug

When I add my api key to the weather module, the module will pull down a forecast but it’s not the weather for my area. Logs show that the curl GET command is as follows:

Calling API with:[APIKEY]/51.504,-0.104?units=us&lang=en&exclude=minutely%2Chourly

It looks like coordinates are hard coded into Xibo and thus only pulling down weather information for that lat, long.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

Actually I think I got this figured out. Didn’t see the option to input custom lat,long under the configuration tab of the module itself in the layout designer.

That is right - if you choose to “Use Display Location” it will use the lat/long you set on your Display and the preview in the CMS will use the CMS lat/long from settings.

Useful if you have Displays in more than one location and want to show the same Layout with local weather.

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