Weather IO ncorrectly configured module

After setting up Forecast IO and I click on Request Forecast it says “Incorrectly configuer module” and I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

Xibo is hosted on an online webserver so getting the actual data shouldn’t be a problem. Normal synchronisation works fine and also getting content from the web such as youtube or twitter works.

Settings are as followed:

Name: Weather
Duration: 10
Use the display location: unchecked
Lattitude: 52.484439
Longtitude 6.452901
Colour: #ff963b

Weahter Template: 5 days
Size: 1
Untis: Standard International Untis
Language: English
Update Interval (mins): 240
Only show daytime weahter conditions: checked
Override template?: unchecked

What do the logs say?


You need Forecast IO api key.
Please see the pinned topic Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide
Or this manual page for details

If you already did this, then as Alex suggested logs might be a good place to look for errors.

Thank you, makes sense. But it would be nice if a notice of this would actually show in the module itself. I’ll go check it out and report back if it works.

That was it, registerd at
Copied the API code, in Xibo went to Forecast IO > Edit > Added the API Key and done! It works.
Maybe put a notification in the app which states something about the API code.