Weather Forecast only displays a black screen

I did the installation following the instructions on this link:

01 - I created an OpenWeather account, created the api key, and inserted it in the correct location.
I’m not using a Dark Sky key (should I?).

02 - In CMS, Layout Designt, I can get the forecast data, and I even see it working!.

03 - No errors are displayed in the Layout, In the player management no items are missing, and In the Player Status, no Layout is invalid.

04 - I didn’t understand this statement:

All Layouts that use the Weather Widget need to include attribution, available by using the [Attribution] tag. All preset templates contain this tag by default, please ensure that this tag is included when editing / overriding default templates.

Where exactly should I insert the [Attribution] tag?

I insert in the Layout Tag field.

However, in the player only a black screen is displayed.

Videos, Webpages are normally displayed on the player Only Weather does not work.

What could be wrong?

Using Last Version of Player and CMS.


The problem was solved by setting a DNS manually on the player:

The DNS used to solve the problem was:

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