Weather does not update on overlay layout

The weather module is not updating on overlay layouts. I have multiple layouts at multiple sites. Weather modules will update on normal layouts, but will not update on overlay layouts. All files are shown as up to date on the player. I do not see any error logs generated.

Are we talking about the forecast update (according to the update interval on the widget) or are we talking about making changes to the weather widget ie change template/resize etc ?

I think I’d expect that to work the same way it does on normal layouts, if it does not then we can certainly investigate it.

Could you please also confirm the CMS and player versions that you’re currently using?

This is the forecast update. Right now, a forecast that is on an overlay layout is 3 days behind.

CMS version is 1.8.9 running on Docker via CentOS 7.
The player is running Windows 1.8.8

I did schedule the overlay as a normal layout on another 1.8.8 player and it seems to be updating just fine.


Same issue for me, weather different in overlay layout and normal layout.

No news ?

Hello, any news on this issue ?

It seems to work correctly for me locally ie it is updated pretty much the same as “normal” layout.

I will leave the player running with weather in overlay over the weekend to ensure that the forecast itself updates (without any changes to the widget / layout cms side).

Cool, thanks Peter. have a nice week-end

The weather widget updates when it loops in some way ie when the whole layout reloads, when there is more than one widget in the region and so the weather widget reloads when player cycles through them or if the region with single weather widget is set to loop or if you make changes to the layout which will also promot it to reload.

Which means that if you have an overlay layout with only weather widget in the region, then it will not reload itself, so it will not update itself either.

In this case, you can set the region with weather widget to loop (layout designer, region options, loop)
or add second widget to the region.
Then it should update just fine.