Watchdog for multi client

Hi, I have a pc client with 5 screen and also 5 xibo clients working on that pc. the problem is sometimes some screen crash so need to restart. on pc just working one watchdog and it just only restart the first screen and client so the others not. how can i restart or watchdog other clients automatically?

You would need to run 5 watchdog applications - in the same way that you are running 5 players (i.e. renaming the exe). Each watchdog would need to be manually configured (rather than allowing the player to auto-start it).

I did all also changed watchdog config too but the second watchdog app never started just working one

I have two screens. Manipulated with watchdogs filenames and .config files. No result.
Only one watchdog process is in the task manager. And only one player restarts if it closes. The second one never restarts.

Need help - step by step instruction. Thank you.

I had the same issue as you. The first watchdog would run but any after that would not. I ended up using this software and it works great. I set it up to run at startup and it opens the Xibo player.

I was struggling with this too - whilst I’m not sure this will be the same for everyone, my issue was that I (stupidly) forgot to also rename the .config file as well as the watchdog .exe

So I have

  • XiboClientWatchdog.exe and XiboClientWatchdog.exe.config
  • XiboClientWatchdog2.exe and XiboClientWatchdog2.exe.config
  • XiboClientWatchdog3.exe and XiboClientWatchdog3.exe.config
  • XiboClientWatchdog4.exe and XiboClientWatchdog4.exe.config

I start the watchdog on startup (not the client) and all seems (so far) to be working fine (though I did only get this working today).

Hope this helps (or maybe it just shows how dumb I was to not notice it in the first place :slight_smile: )