Want to find xibo client for linux


Can you share a link, from which i can download the xibo client for linux or raspberry pi 3.

Thank You!

Please have a look at this FAQ topic

If you want to use no longer supported/developed python client you can download it from here.

The RPi3 runs Android and there is an Android player (not free).

I started working on a JavaScript/Cordova based player for my own edification. It already does layout playback and I’m working on correctly scheduling right now. I hope within a few weeks to have something more ‘concrete’. It’s not necessarily going to be ‘pretty’ but it should be functional on a somewhat decent system - I’m targeting Amlogic S910 and Intel Atom devices.

If .NET Core/Mono wasn’t so dysfunctional, you would be able to compile the Windows player on Linux.

Hi, Guru!
Are you still working on your custom player?
I was wondering how to go about it?

Feel free to contact me privately, I can send you the code however it’s not finished at this point, other things have come up that are paid/high priority. It would require probably another 30-40h of work to finish.