VNC service for android?

we should look at a vnc service for Xibo and the android clients at least. Yes TeamVeiwer is good but $$$ might look at a builtin alt to this. Windows Clients as far as vnc not a issue.

I added a SSH app to my Android units.
This allows me to grab a screenshot or capture video of what is playing.
Worst case I can even reboot the player unit.
This is all done some SSH shell commands.
: screencap
: screenrecord
: busybox reboot -d 3 -f

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what app would this be ?

Download SSHDroid, its a free app from the Pay store.
You can also find the APK online so you can side load the App.
It has ads in the App, but only when you’re configuring it.
Use inexpensive Android units purchased from Amazon like the T95Z plus.