Vishal Debipersad joins the Xibo Hall of Fame!


I am very happy to announce our second Xibo Enthusiast award and welcome Vishal Debipersad into the Xibo Hall of Fame!

Vishal is from the Netherlands who works as an It-engineer at the company Fitsz and has provided the following introduction to share with the community…

"I have been working with computers since I was 10 years and since then it still gets my attention. I am a system/network engineer but no fan of cisco. I have been using Xibo since 2020 and since then we evolved from running locally to a docker system. Xibo keeps me amazed with every update! We are running this product at several customers with various type of layouts! From menu screens to advertising to sports.

I want to thank Xibo for the nomination and my employee for trying and using Xibo which has evolved in addition of our IT services.” Vishal Debipersad

@Vishal_Debipersad has been a community member for 2 years and in that time he has already viewed 1.2k topics and read over 5.6k posts and supported many others in our Get Help sections of the community with his ever growing knowledge of Xibo.

We would like to thank Vishal for being a valued member of the community and for being a great supporter of the Xibo project!

If you would like to become our next Xibo Enthusiast take a look at our Xibo Hall of Fame introduction. We look forward to welcoming more members over the coming months :slight_smile:

Natasha (Community Manager)


Thank you Xibo, Natasha!


Congratulations @Vishal_Debipersad! :clap:t3:

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Congratulations @Vishal_Debipersad and welcome to the Xibo Hall of Fame!

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Another well deserved induction into the Xibo hall of fame, congratulations @Vishal_Debipersad!.

Many times across the last couple of years I’ve seen your replies to other users in need of support and the advice you provide is excellent. I also like how you provide feedback on your own setup and the performance you are experiencing, which is a great way to share with other users and provide alternatives in the event the issue is related to the user’s setup as opposed to Xibo. I also see you helping in a wide range of channels which is the sign of a competent and knowledgeable Xibo and IT user.

Thank you for your contributions and for the help you have provided to new and seasoned users alike. :star:


Congratulations, @Vishal_Debipersad!!!

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Congratulations!!! @Vishal_Debipersad