Videos play twice

All layouts that I play in the campaign are played twice in succession. Earlier I did not suffer from that. Have things changed or are I doing things wrong?
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I would recommend first checking your Schedule in case any Events/Layouts have been scheduled twice.

To check your Schedule, select the Schedule option in your CMS, click on the box named Select Displays above your Calendar and choose the Display that is showing the Campaign twice. The Calendar will now contain a series of icons for your Display, showing the Events currently scheduled.

If you highlight the icons under today’s date, is there more than one entry for your Campaign? If so, I would recommend deleting any duplicate Events by clicking on the icon to open the Edit Event window and selecting Delete at the bottom.

If you do not have any duplicate Events, please send a screenshot of the Status page from the Display. If you are using a Xibo for Windows Player, you can access the status page by clicking the i key on your keyboard while the Xibo Player is running. For Xibo for Android, click on the screen while the Player is running and select Status from the Action Bar at the top of the screen.

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Dan! Thank You.
At one of my “Test Displays” i had the same Problem! It allways show the campaign 3-4 times.
If i looked to the schedule and select the “Group” i just see one campaign … BUT if i look to each display separatly … i see … that on display one the same campaign or some layouts are scheduled twice.

thank you for this hint !

bb Thomas

Glad to hear the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.

I have to spend more time on it. I have to do it an other time. Thanks for so far. I let you know.

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This is indeed the solution for me. I have been using Xibo for more than a year and have never had it before, but fortunately it has been solved.

I’m glad that the issue is now resolved.

Many Thanks.