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I am trying to setup a video wall with 3 55" monitors in a 1x3 setup. I am wondering if this is possible with the android player or do I have to use the Windows player? I purchased the DSDevices android player from Xibo.

I have setup a custom resolution of 1920x3240 and copied and modified the android display settings to use the 0,0,1920,3240 screen dimensions, and while I did get it to play, the resolution was messed up.

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You could use the HDMI inputs with panels that support daisy chaining to build a video wall and would need to make sure that the panels in total have the same aspect ratio as the DSCS9 output (portrait or landscape 1080p). This may result in a lesser quality as you would be stretching 1080 pixels over several times that size.

We do have a guide that can assist you with a Windows setup here: Creating a Video Wall with Xibo for Windows

Thank you for responding. Not sure what I’m doing wrong here but I’m getting the same issue in Windows as with the android device. We have 3 55" Samsung TVs that support daisy chaining. I created a resolution of 1920x3240, changed the display settings to reflect those dimensions, and created a layout with the new resolution and 3 regions of 1920x1080. I added a still image to the top and bottom regions and a video in the center region. The length seems to working correctly, but the width is squished. Here is a screen shot of the wall looks like when the layout is playing.

Thanks for your screenshot.

The Samsung screens when daisychained like that assume that the input resolution is to be scaled across a wall of the same aspect ratio, and in my experience that basically means you can build 16:9 aspect ratio walls and nothing else.

To make that work with a screen in that shape, you’d need to individually cable each screen to the PC and then you can use any custom resolution you like.

I think you’ll find if you close Xibo the windows desktop is similarly stretched and may also be cropped off. If that’s not the case, then if you can provide a screenshot of the Windows display settings and information about how you’ve configured the video wall settings on each of the TVs I can try and guide you further.


Thank you for your response. You are correct. The desktop is distorted and I ended up running seperate cables to the pc and setting up a mosaic display. Everything worked correctly after I figured that out. The wording was confusing me. I read that I should “extend” the desktop across all screens, but I really needed to change it to a mosaic setup. Thanks again for you help.

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Windows uses the term “Extended Desktop” which is why I referred to it in that way. I’ve not heard it called a mosaic configuration before, but I’m pleased it’s working for you now.

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