Video wall not playing at full size

Hi Everyone,

I’m facing issue with my video wall, I didn’t set it up myself but i have to fix it since i’m the IT admin for the company I work for.

I have 4 TVs with images only showing on only 1 out of 4 TVs. Layouts are set to 3840x2160

When I put a video into my layout, the client does not display it at full size (3840x2160).
Can someone please help me troubleshoot?

Are you using a controller or graphics card with 4 outputs?

Thank you for the message and welcome to the Community simbahmso!

As you were not the person who initially set up the Video Wall, I would recommend using the below guide to help understand how to set up a Video Wall wih Xibo:

I hope the above guide helps you to resolve your issue.

Many Thanks.

@DanBW thanks for the guide, will definitely check it out for sure to better equip myself for next time.

@Jonatan Not to sure. I had the people onsite shut down the computer that controls the TVs and after turning it on the image started covering all 4 TVs. Thanks for the help.