Video upload limit

hi, i can upload videos upto 64mb in 1.7.9 version… if i try to upload >64mb i am getting error like Failed to write file to disk. i am using dreamhost server. can you please help me out.

I have replied to your service desk ticket about this. The configuration of the server is wrong. You will need to speak to Dreamhost, or move to a server that allows you to configure PHP fully.

hi , i have made changes in file. now i can upload video files upto 130mb. if i try to upload video >130mb i am getting an error message as “Failed to write file to disk”. please help me in this issue…

You will need to speak to your hosting company, and ask them why you aren’t able to write a file to disk. The issue is with the server configuration, and not with Xibo I’m afraid.

Likely the permissions are wrong on wherever your PHP temporary upload location is configured, or on the Xibo Library directory, or you’ve not configured Xibo with a fully qualified path to the library.