Video Problem, use 100% Ram and swap

I have a big problem with video and xibo on linux (ubuntu 18.04).

I have create a layout full screen (1920x1080) with only one video (mp4), size 271Mo.
When i start the player, it’s ok the player use 443M for example, but after 3-4 hours the player use 3-4 Go Ram and when the memory is full, xibo swap and when it’s full…
I have try with another video and on 3 different pc and i have the same problem, there is a memory leak with video.

An example on this picture, after 8 minutes and 40 minutes

Thank you for your message and details about your issue. Can you confirm which version of the Xibo for Linux Player you are using?

If possible, could you also provide a link in a private message where I could download your Layout for testing? I can then monitor the performance of your video and feed back to the development team.

Many Thanks.

thanks for your answer.
My Xibo player version is :
xibo-player 1.8-R4 rev 37
I will send you the layout with document in mp

Hi! I have the same issue.
Xibo player version - 1.8 R4
I did try this player in Debian 9 (XFCE), Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 19.10.
Hope you could help me.
Thanks in advance!

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I am “happy” to not be alone with this problem.
For the moment i did a cron task who reboot the player… it’s really dirty but this is the only solution for the moment.

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Hello. Same problem.

Please take a look and feedback on this topic: Xibo for Linux Revision 46 in Beta.

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I will confirm tomorrow but no more memory leak for me. Thank you for this update.

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That you for those images - that makes it very clear.

It is interesting that there is still a slight tend towards an increase over time - obviously nothing like what happened before, but it would be interesting to have it running for another week or so to see if that continues.

To share


That looks great and gives us some confidence for releasing these changes - thanks for sharing!

Linking my post in a different thread because this might concern the same issue:

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