Video Player ubuntu 12.04


I’m still need to work with ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the original video player in ubuntu works fine, but when I configure xibo player it doens’t work (the videos plays very slowly like a slideshow of photos instead of a video). The graphis card is intel HD 500.
My version is 1.2.2


The old Ubuntu Player supported video decode accelleration with a very small number of nVidia graphics cards. It won’t play well on Intel graphics cards.

It’s no longer developed and there won’t be any updates for it. You need to switch to a supported platform I’m afraid. Currently Windows, Android or webOS. We do have a Linux player in development but it’s not imminent.

thank you for help,

i’ve been using intel hd graphics for some time and this is the first time that happened.
is there a more recent client compatible with cms 1.2?

I’m afraid not no.

1.2 series was released more than 7 years ago. It’s not supported anymore. You need to use the current stable series if you want support I’m afraid.

thanks for your help