Video playback not smooth

hi , we have a 1.7.9 install with windows clients where i am having trouble with playback of a video , the video is a exported PowerPoint presentation but sometimes the videos will either play slowly so the transitions in the video take forever ect or sometimes the video will jump forwards and backwards.

any ideas ?

What’s the CPU load like on the PC when that happens? Perhaps something else is running in the background causing the PC to run slowly. Windows updates for example?

Xibo uses Windows Media Player to play back video content - it doesn’t play the files itself.


the pcs all have Intel Core2 Duo or Intel Core2 quad cpus with 4 gb of ram.

xibo is the only thing running on these pcs other than the usual windows background task and our internet security (sophos)

I still think it would be useful to look at the CPU load/process list of a Player in that state and see what is happening. That will help track down where the issue is.