Video over the layout

Hello Everyone!

Needs your help.
I have some layout with DataSet items. It shows some information about events (timeline, event name, date, company name, company logo, etc). Screenshot attached.

Our users have access to the DataSets menu only (they fill the information about events).
I want the following - in the absence of any of the values of some row ​​in dataset, instead of (over of) my template, video is played.
It will be helpful in case if there is no events scheduled (we could play some advertising).
Is it possible?

Thank you for your message. It is not possible to set up your Displays to play an Overlay Video in the event that a row in your Dataset does not have a value. My apologies for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan,

Is there any workaround (add some volue, script etc)?


There is not a workaround for this but I would recommend looking into the Ticker and Dataset View Widgets, as you may be able to script an alternative solution. For example, you may be able to create a script that would ensure that if the row in the dataset is empty, the No data message for that Widget is shown. You may then be able to add an image to that No data message or possibly a link to a video in an iframe. You would need to test this yourself to see if this provides a solution for you but it is worth considering.

Otherwise, you would need to develop the actual solution you want, which you should be able to do using the Xibo API, experience with programming and APIs would of course be necessary so I cannot comment on whether you would be able to do that. If you had some form of trigger that could check if the row in the Dataset is empty, then you could use that event to trigger an Overlay to be scheduled to the Display.You would then need another trigger for when data has been entered into the row.

Many Thanks.