Video not playing with embedded html

Hi Peeps - I have a problem to get a video.mp4 file to play whilst embedded into html
Firstly it does play when I stream/embed from youtube, but not from local storage. If I open the html file within a browser it works but if it is rendered through Xibo it does not. Am I missing something?

To clarify this is my setup:
I only display one layout with html for navigation - then all links point to html pages on the local storage, all pages are displayed within the container without a browser bar.

Thanks Pieter

(xibo1.7.4 - windows)

First make sure that you have this correctly set up

Since it’s working from youtube I guess you might have that already set up correctly, perhaps last section of this could help you Embedded Content | Xibo Digital Signage

Path to the file, where do you have your .html page stored? Did you tried to move it to player local library folder?

Thanks for your reply, all the html pages and media is stored on the display pc’s c:/ Drive. Except for the “index/home” page which is embedded inside a layout on xibo

This is content from a page on local storage
Streaming Video From YouTube
///iframe width=“640” height=“360” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen><////iframe> [THIS WORKS FINE]

Embed Video on C: Drive - Nested in html
<///embed src=“media/introiex.mp4” width=“640” height=“360”>[THIS WORKS IF VIEWED THROUGH BROWSER, BUT NOT THROUGH XIBO]

[quote=“Peter, post:2, topic:3363”]
[/quote] I have done this for the 1st/ starting page

Ok so, the iframe for youtube links looks fine, so it should work as you said it does.

Now for the local video, you will want to have a fully qualified path to the mp4 file
like - file://c:/path/to/media/introiex.mp4
So then you can chose to use embedded module or local video module in Xibo
embedded module will use an iframe, so something like this:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="file://c:/path/to/media/introiex.mp4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen><iframe>

In local video module, you would only specify the path to the file and duration and that’s it.

Both options should work with full path to the file, local video module might be easier.

Thanks for the reply.

Your suggestion is not quite what I am trying to accomplish. Your suggestion does work if the video plays within it’s own “layout/region” within xibo.

My objective in layman’s terms:
Example - Xibo renders the first html page which is embedded, then a link opens another separate html page located on a local drive within this page’s html where I have the code as above, all extra linked media ie. animated .gif and images does render and external media ie. youTube works. I even tested a whole “offline” website and all links , tabs and pages work well. It’s only the video that is a pain. I then opened the html file in IE11 and activated all active X thinking that it might be the problem but with no luck, any ideas?

@Pieter The key is you MUST specify the full path to the file. Simply putting media/introiex.mp4 won’t work. It needs to be file://c:/path/to/media/introiex.mp4 and that then depends on the browser (Internet Explorer of whatever version you’ve configured the Player to use) being able to render that video. For Internet Explorer, video playback support is fairly patchy.

Hi Pieter I am having the same issue. Have you found any solution for it. The youtube video is working and so is when i open in html file. Not working in Dot Net. Video screen is appearing but it is not playing.