Video loading problems circumvented by spacer Widget

Hello, I have found a problem and a workaround, that I think the (dev) community should know about.

The problem:
I have created a Layout with 2 regions. Each of these regions displays the same video in a loop, and nothing else. When I start the player, the videos are correctly shown for (in most cases) 2 loop iterations. After that, the default Layout starts playing and the Error message “Open not called after 4 seconds, marking unsafe and Expiring.” is logged.

I have read much about this and it probably has something to do with player performance and that 4 second video load timeout.

The workaround:
After trying several things to fix my problem, I tried adding spacer widgets before the videos. Now I have the exactly same layout as before, but the playlists for both regions start with a 1 second spacer instead of directly showing the video. And suddenly the problem is gone. Of course, this adds 1 second until the video starts, but that is still better than having the layout break after 2 loop cycles.

I hope this workaround helps someone else in the future or is interesting to the devs.

Hi wildSpacer40. Thank you very much for this helpful information. Your message doesn’t confirm which player platform you are using, are you using the Windows player? The reason I ask is because this issue was logged for that error on the Windows player.
The fix for the issue was released in Xibo for Windows R309. If you are not already using R309, could you upgrade to that version and confirm if the issue persists?

Many Thanks.

Hello DanBW. I was using Xibo for Windows R307. Now I have upgraded to R309 and it works fine even without the spacer Widgets.

Thank you very much for your advice.

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Excellent, I hoped you would find the fix would negate the need to use your workaround. But thank you for passing that on though, it’s an interesting workaround to the issue that I wasn’t aware of :slight_smile:

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