Video instruction for install Xibo 1.8.x

Hello together,
is it possible that anyone here can create a Video where you can see how to install the new xibo on a Server ??

That´s great

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There’s a full written guide here:

Failing that there’s a video here, which was contributed. I’ve not gone through it in detail though so I can’t comment if it follows our best practise guidelines exactly or not:

I wouldn’t expect to have a GUI on a typical server, so the written guide has no dependencies on graphical utilities.

It´s very good but this youtube video i for ubuntu…can you mak so a video for Synology DSM 6.XX??
That´s nice.


There’s a written guide for DSM here. I don’t have a Synology system so have no experience of it.

Hi Alex, the version in written i know…but my intension is a video to install cibo 1.8.2 on Synology DSM 6.xx. Maby anyone is here or mak the work to make a video ?

Hello Alex,

i again. Sorry but the manual from is very difficult. What is docker an how can i understand this??
Is thre no step by step manual how i can install the new xibo 1.8.X with docker on a Synology NAS or my rapberry Pi3???

when i extract the zip archive in the past i copied all to the web folder on my synology…then there were a file install.php

But now??? i don´7 know what i musst do??? Sorry

Colin has written the guide. I don’t have a Synology NAS so I’m afraid I can’t offer you any insight on how to install it.

Just to play with it, I installed and configured Xibo on my Synology NAS following Colin’s guide and it worked perfectly. If you just follow his steps as documented it works fine. I even managed to update from 1.8.2 to 1.8.3 a few weeks ago. I have not tried to update to 1.8.4. It was just a test to see if I could make it work.

Our production server is on Ubuntu and updating to 1.8.4 was a piece of cake. The only area of pause for the Synology install for me was moving the configuration and library data over from our Ubuntu installation. Part of me wants to do it, but another part does not want to rock the boat. The Ubuntu installation is working just fine, so why rock the boat as they say.

I continue to be impressed with the Xibo solution, it is clean, easy to use and it works. Now if I could just get the site managers to stop messing with the TV’s and switching settings on them or turning off the USB Stick PC’s we are using. :slight_smile:

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Hi guys,
thanks for your tipps. Now i see that i can´t install the new xibo on my synology nas :frowning: i have a DS213j synology!!

But is it possible to install the new xibo on a raspberry pi 3??? on raspi i have install the webserver with phpadmin and apache…

is there anyone who had installed on raspi 3?

If you want a simple installation, then you would be best using a supported platform.

Using platforms that aren’t supported will be more difficult and you will get little support from the project on that.

I always appreciate reading these, I typically learn something - even if that something doesn’t actually solve my problem at hand. This said, I do wish there were better instructions, or a video, on installing version 1.8 without docker on a typical LAMP server (say… a very common hosted, shared server); without using Docker.

For information personal experience:
I installed the Xibo CMS (1.8) on a dedicated server, from your installation documentation and the video found on Youtube and that you propose in this discussion.
I followed the installation to the letter from beginning to end:
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop (Ubuntu 16.04 Server does not offer the GUI)
CE and Composite Docker
Xibo CMS V1.8.11 (instead of 1.8.1 in the video and 1.8.9 in your documentation
And the installation is perfect to the very end to the point.

Documentation and video are a real step-by-step procedure for people who know about line commands. To recommend