Video in portrait mode is not rotated

I have a problem with a player : X7mini with modified firmware to support rotation, all the items are displayed correctly in portrait mode but the videos aren’t, they are displayed in landscape and not rotated also they’re centred in the screen.
the video is in the correct format (1080 x 1920), the display is set to portrait in the location tab of the profile
I’m using the CMS 1.7.4 and the android player 1.7 R59

it might very well not support video rotation - although you could add your videos in correct aspect ratio to your layout so it does not need to anything with them?

It would be also recommended to use at leas 1.7.9 CMS / R63 or 1.8.0 CMS and 1.8 R101 Xibo for Android.

i found that the problem is with the integrated video player in the x7 mini
When i use an other play such as vlc or mx player the video is diplayed correctly but when i use the default player the video is not rotated i tired to force the rotation with sevral apps but it doesn’t work with the default player.
Is there any way to change in the xibo for android the default player : use external video player rather than the integrated android player?

You could try to update the firmware on the device perhaps?

If that’s possible, then it’s likely that minix fixed it in the firmware.

Hey guys, was a solution found for this issue?