Video for install XIIBO 1.8.9 in any web server?

Hi everybody’s, recently I had many problems with the new version to 1.8… series to install in a web server that have all the requirements, in the past with versions olds (1.7) it was more easy and many less complaints. Now the las version (1.8…) looks greats but I can´t skipts a little details with many options or errors that it show at moment of creat regions and show the contents.

Host Papas ( is my web hosting server and they was very kind and tried reinstalling follow the requirements that xibo web pages show it. But however the little complainst continues.

Anybody here in the forum have a video tutorial with the experience installing in a web server? It will be very helpful for my.

Thanks so much for your support.

I assume this is shared hosting?
If so, you will have problems to make Xibo work there, we highly recommend dedicated servers for Xibo CMS (even better if you can also run docker on it).

There are certainly problems there on your screenshot, you have /web in the CMS URL, obviously that 403 error.
Document Root and URL rewriting needs to be set correctly, as per

The XMR and XTR links in the manual should also be correctly configured, especially the XTR, however on shared hosting it might be impossible to use it in a reliable way - that’s one of the reasons why shared hosting are not suitable for Xibo.

Do you have any video tutorials?

No, I’m afraid, we do not have video tutorials for CMS installation, the manual pages with installation instructions should cover everything you may need.

As I mentioned if it is shared hosting, then that’s not really suitable for Xibo, especially the 1.8 series, as such you may not be able to have Xibo working reliably in such environment.