Video Duration 0 Secs, Android Client Plays Video For 10 Secs

Not sure if this is purely android or not. From what I have read

which comes from here

I would think that if I give a video a duration of 0 seconds the video will play back till it is finished before moving on to the next item in the layout. Instead our videos play back for 10 seconds and then the next media in the layout is displayed. If we enter in the length of the video, of course it plays back for that amount of time.

Am I correct in thinking that 0 seconds should cause the video to play till the end?

Assuming it’s the first time the video has played since the start of the layout then it should be shown to completion.

There have been bugs regarding this so please ensure you are on the latest version.

If it’s still doing it on latest, please log a ticket with support and we can look at it.

Thank you Alex for the quick reply.

Client is 1.7 R54.

I will update to R55 and see if that makes a difference.

Updated to R55, problem so far does not appear.

It most probably will - the bug has been fixed in an as yet unreleased version (R56). It only occurs the second time the video is shown in rotation on the same layout.

Hopefully we will release R56 early next week.

Thank you for the information.

You are correct that the second time plus through the list the video did the same as before. We will await R56. Thank you, Alex and the rest of the team for all your great work.

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its out if you want it! :smile:

Oh yeah I want it. :grinning:

Already have installed it. I just haven’t tested the video 0 duration yet. But I am sure it works.

Thank you Dan.

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