Video can't play on windows server 2008

i am installing xibo client on my server(windows server 2008) . the xibo player can show picture on layout but can’t play video.
for test the layout, i install xibo client on pc(windows 7) , that xibo player work correctly and can play total of picture and video on layout.
i am using “xibo-cms-1.7.9” and “xibo-client-1.7.9-win32-x86” and the video format is .mpg ;

the media player don’t install on windows server 2008 but i am installing “K-Lite.Mega.Codec.Pack.12.8.0” According to other topic on xibo community , but xibo player on my server can’t play video .

above picture is region timeline . the pink object that duration is 120 seconds, is my video and other red object that duration is 5 seconds are my picture ,
on my pc(windows 7) that video can to play, the duration of this layout is 135 seconds but on my server(win server 2088) that video can’t to play , the duration of this layout is 15 seconds and video remove from playing list .

please help me .

sorry for my english.

The Xibo client relies on Internet Explorer. You will find that Internet Explorer on Server 2008 is highly restrictive. You will need to make some changes to Internet Options to defeat the built in protections that prevent everything from working. You will also need to make some registry changes as well to get the client working correctly on any windows machine.

I would recommend against using the client on Window Server.

If Server 2008 doesn’t have Windows Media Player then Xibo can’t work as a Player there. It needs Windows Media Player to function.

You may be able to install that as an optional Windows component.

Thanks alex for your reply .

i think that should install Windows Media Services . is it right?

It sounds plausible. It’s not something I’ve done myself as we only recommend installing the Player on the desktop variants of Windows.