Version 4 clock bug and schedules

Just a heads up when you upgrade to 4.0, if you use digital clocks in your layouts they turn into Analog clocks. The only thing you can do is delete the widget and replace it with the correct one. Not a big deal but worth knowing.

I noticed in the Schedule that there is no longer a check box for all screens in Calendar view, so to see all screens you have to manually select them individually.
I also had to re-enter the Open Weather App API key and enable it, as this also didn’t transfer with the upgrade.

If these are my only problems with such a large upgrade, I’d say things are looking pretty good.

Thanks i’ve reported that so we can fix it for future upgraders.

We had a lot of issues with that checkbox taking out peoples CMS if they had a lot of displays/schedules. Do you miss it enough for it to be an issue, or do you think you could get used to the grid view?

This is a great point - moving the key from the module into the connector. I will make a note in the release announcement for now, and think about whether we can automate that.

Ah that’s good to hear. We will have a patch available next week to solve the various issues we’re collecting:


I am not sure yet about the views in the Schedule, I will need more time to get used to it.

I do like having the calendar view showing me what things look like for all devices over the month, then click on a specific day for more info. This is just a personal preference for me and how I have learned to use Xibo. It makes sense that with large deployments with a lot of events this can cause issues, I only run 12 displays.

Using the grid view it appears that recurring events don’t show up in “this week” or “this month” if they were created prior to this. I can see events in “this year” that happen every week but because they were created at the start of the year they don’t show as happening in “this week” or “this month”. It is possible that I am doing something wrong. This happens whether I leave displays blank or select a particular display.


That’s absolutely understandable - as you use it more please do let us know your thoughts.

Thanks Kent, we spotted this ourselves late last night, issue report here:

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