Version 1.7.7 image size get changed

Hi… iam running Version 1.7.7 and some times when i upload JPG files they get some how compressed in both size and resolution…

i upload 1080x1920 image, and when i check the image on the server, it has resized to 608x1080.

i did see this happing before as well

I have seen this before. but do not remember how this was fixed…

I have tried both FireFox and Chrome… same thing happens… On safari it works fine… Can it be something with cache or… :frowning:


Yes, this is the same issue as here:

and we can confirm that it is a bug with 1080x1920 images, please see:

For now it will work fine with IE11 and Opera, we will try to fix it for Chrome/FireFox as soon as possible.

Thanks… this solve the issue for me…

I found that I get this problem in Xibo 1.8.2 also.

It happens when I upload images from within the layot designer.

If I upload it in the media library directly images are uploaded in original size.