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I noticed that we don’t have the “Show All” button anymore at the schedule menu:



Can you share with us why you decided to remove this feature? It was very useful, especially for viewing the calendar in a more ‘macro’ way.

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We removed it because it was a frequent reason larger CMS instances crashed and/or experienced performance issues. Expanding the schedule into a calendar view for all displays at once can be a hugely expensive task because each event has its recurrence configuration expanded.

We tried several different approaches to “just make it faster”, but they all have serious trade offs.

More generally Xibo has always had a calendar view, but over the years we have been challenged to make it easier to see “what’s going on”. The grid view is out attempt to make that happen.

So my question for you would be; why is seeing all events across all displays at the same time useful?

I understand,
In this case, the ‘show all’ option would still be useful even if it were for the selected date range but with some limit… perhaps create a limit to display everything up to a maximum range of one month. If the user wants to view the schedule on the calendar for other months individually, they can change the range themselves.

Perhaps combining the grid/table view with the calendar could convey the ease of identifying the scheduled events you mentioned. Maybe hovering over an event highlights it in the calendar to indicate which event it is.

The usefulness of this lies in the ease of choosing a literal day of the month from a calendar and editing or reviewing scheduled events without having to select a specific device or group of devices.
Sometimes, while providing support or trying to identify content that should (or shouldn’t) be playing, we may forget to select a specific device or group. In such cases, the ‘show all’ option is useful.

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Thank you for your feedback.

That’s interesting - does the agenda view give you the same capability?

Sort of… the agenda view doesn’t allow you to see the schedule for all players using ‘show all,’ and to view it, you have to click on the calendar icon rather than seeing the calendar as a whole.

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I’ve also noticed the removal of the button and have been wondering if it could be re-implemented. @dan, you mentioned wanting to make it easier to see “what’s going on,” and personally, I often used this button to get an overview of all my displays and check if I’ve overlooked anything. I would really appreciate it if the button could make a comeback.

Additionally, it might be helpful to add an agenda view. This feature could greatly assist in visualizing start and end times, rather than having to piece it together manually. It’s a feature similar to what you might find in Google Calendar, for example:

Source: Google Tips: Getting Started with Google Calendar

Perhaps an additional feature could be a visualization or alert to indicate if a display or group would show only its blank template because nothing has been scheduled for it during its active hours. Your could then set its active hours in the display/group settings. It would then also be nifty if the CMS could send a Wake-On-LAN (WOL) command to start up the computer at the beginning of active hours and execute a command to shut it down at the end.

Yeah, that’s a great idea and something we do need to get implemented! Often with Android/SOC solutions the power on/off are available with the hardware too, so no need for WOL.

You can already configure WOL incidentally, although it means the CMS has to be on the same network as the players.

If you pick a date range of 1 week (or this week/next week filters) and select the calendar tab, you should see a week view like you do in Google Calendar.

We have a bug at the moment, but once its fixed you could use a dynamic display group called “All Displays” with .* in the name filter criteria. Filtering by that display group would do the same as “Show all Displays”. The below bug needs to be fixed though.

Thanks for your feedback.

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