V.4.0.2 - text effect problem

Hello, I upgrade CMS to 4.0.2, but now on text effects not working. When open effects window nothing displayed. Now I use Marquee Left effect and need to change speed, but not saved, and not changing. When, I try to write new text, not see effect options. How to fix that?

I’m trying to recreate that problem, but when I add a Rich Text widget, open the appearance tab, select Marquee Left, adjust the speed, refresh the page, and go back; my changes have been saved.

Are you doing something difference? If so please can you describe exactly what you’re doing so we can try to recreate?


Thanks for answer, but I don’t have this widget.

Your layout comes from an upgrade, so you have rich text on the main layout. You’ll only be able to add new rich text widgets to playlists (because our new way of adding text is via the text element).


  • add a playlist
  • add rich text widget

As I said in my post, I don’t have any issues setting an effect on this widget, or on an upgraded layout. If you can provide an export of your layout, I am happy to have a look.

It is not currently possible to have an effect set on a text element added to a layout. We have a longer term plan to add lots of animation options to Xibo, see Element animations.

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