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Element Animations

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I would love to see a way to animate elements. These layouts are displayed on HD TVs; nothing should ever be static! Static is so PowerPoint (hell, even they have animations now :wink: )

Put text on the screen and have it enlarge a few pixels over the 30 secs the layout displays.
Have a picture slide onto the screen and then slide off after a few seconds.

So many ideas, but the point is digital signage should never be static. Static does not catch the eye. Motion graphics are the way to go.

I would love to see Xibo get there.

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Iā€™m 100% behind your assessment of static content and your aspiration for Xibo. We have this recorded for 4.1 already, but I will link this feature request up to our internal issue for it (which we will make public once we have a direction).

My view on this is that the fly/fade in/out transitions we have currently are for use within playlists, and a new set of powerful animations be made available for elements/stencils.

Lots of scope here for what we might want to be able to do - twiddling text is definitely one, as are things like wiggling an image.